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6 Passenger Maximum

OFFSHORE This is the ultimate big game experience. The Outer Banks is famous for its great Gulfstream fishing.  This is your opportunity to catch trophy fish.   Spend the day trolling the Gulfstream for Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin.

BOTTOM & WRECK FISHING Our Specialty This is strictly a bottom fishing expedition.  There are numerous wrecks and bottom structures off the Outer Banks that harbor Tilefish, Black Sea Bass, Snowy Grouper, Triggerfish, Southern Hake, Tautog (Tog), Amberjack and Sharks. Our list of Bottom locations and Wrecks is very extensive and a coveted secret.  Fill your coolers with some great eating fish.  This trip is probably the most productive available on the Outer Banks.  Some species are regulated by Federal Seasons and Bag Limits.  We do this trip right!

INSHORE FISHING  Half Day (4 Hour) this trip will challenge the anglers with fishing along the ocean beaches and inlet for all inshore species in season such as Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Cobia, King Mackerel and Flounder. At the Customers option a Half Day trip can be limited to Sound fishing.  We offer both AM and PM Half Day Trips, Departure times vary.  Depending on the season, a Full Day trip  (8 Hours) allows fishing more distant locations and different fishing methods.  The typical species caught may include any combination of  Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Amberjack, King Mackerel, Cobia, Sharks and False Albacore.  

EXTENDED INSHORE  (6 Hour) This trip provides either more fishing time and fishing options than our basic Inshore trip .  This trip is highly recommended in mid to late Summer.

AMBERJACK  (8 Hour)  This trip targets hard fighting Amberjack from late May into September  STOLAT is one of a few boats offering this specialty trip.  This trip was formerly offered as a 6 Hour Trip.  However, due to heavy local commercial fishing pressure we must fish more productive distant locations.  In late Summer this trip can offer bonus catches of King Mackerel and small Dolphin.  A great experience for those seeking more than standard Inshore fare. 

 SHARK FISHING - We offer two types of shark fishing Inshore and Offshore.  Many varieties are excellent eating such as Mako, Blacktip and Thresher.  Inshore Shark fishing generally will catch smaller species of Sharks such as Blacktip and Atlantic Sharpnose.   Our Offshore Shark trip fishes for bigger Sharks such as Mako and Hammerhead.  These trips fish out to 35 miles.   Shark fishing is seasonal and keeping Sharks is very restricted based on size and species.  Most of our Shark fishing is catch and release.  Please check with us on the best time and regulations.  

CUSTOM TRIPS - We can customize any trip to your wishes. Many people have a favorite specie of fish or fishing method. We can accommodate your wishes if seasonally possible.  Design your own combo trip.  You might want a longer trip or only want to fish in the Sound.  How about a Sunset fishing trip or sightseeing cruise?  Need multiple boats for large parties, we can arrange this too.  Special attention given to Celebrations of Life and Ash Dispersal Ceremonies.  Please discuss your wishes with us.